About gamesandlearning.org

Gamesandlearning.org is a news and information service aimed at increasing the amount of information available for those interested in developing and funding new educational games for children and young adults. The site is a wholly independent news and information service run asa nonprofit news organization by a team of reporters and researchers interested in strengthening the entire learning games industry.

We believe you do that not by hyping the potential or overstating the challenges, but by making sure the creative minds who want to unlock the power of games to teach have real, usable information about the business and opportunities in this industry. This site began as a project of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop in 2013. Over the next three years it grew to become one of a handful of news outlets that can help investors and developers understand the complex markets these games can reach.

gandlpostcard1The gaming industry has grown to be a behemoth $65 billion-a-year industry, with products ranging from arcade-style shooter games to increasingly complex tools for learning and education. Although games have for decades made their way into classrooms and informal learning outlets, there are few major sources to inform the development and funding of games with overt or subtle educational components. Gamesandlearning.org will continue to provide an unbiased source for research to help those producers and funders who want their games to “do good” and to assess what has and has not worked.

Those who developed the site, namely Michelle Miller and Lee Banville, continue to operate it. A new nonprofit is being formed to guide the effort and we will have more information in the coming months. To those who have helped us reach this point, we thank you. To those who are new to the site, know here you will find original reporting and analysis, data and commentaries, all aimed at helping those who want to make the brilliant learning games of the future find success and affect the lives of children.


Last updated: Jun 14, 2016