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The technology and platforms available for those building educational games continues to evolve. This section will report on the the latest opportunities and challenges facing those making learning games.

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Research Report
Dec 10, 2015

The Real State of Learning Game Funding

From government grants to VCs, the mix of sources learning game developers can turn to to support their efforts continues to evolve. In her second report on the state of the learning game business Sande Chen explores how developers are making it.

Jun 15, 2015

Key Lessons from the Crowdfunding Wars

It seems part magic and part dumb luck. A kitten card game raises almost $9 million. A movie based on a cult TV show draws in nearly $6 million. A space simulator game still in development brings in $80 million. But for every successful campaign, Kickstarter is littered with failed game funding pleas. So what works and why?